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"I feel more confident when my exercise is guided by someone who actually understands my challenges living with PD" 
Building a bridge between medical care
and local community fitness and wellness professionals to help people with Parkinson's disease

WHATParkinsonWISE® was developed to improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson's, by making meaningful fitness and wellness services available in their neighborhoods. Educating professionals about PD allows the medical and non-medical communities to build bridges toward improved patient experiences and outcomes. With Parkinsons' unique motor and non-motor symptoms, the more knowledge, the better the for all. 

WHO: Non-medical professionals in the exercise and movement fields including: personal trainers; massage therapists; yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and dance instructors; Rock Steady Boxing coaches; PWR! certified instructors; swim coaches, etc.

WHY: Exercise and movement are effective in delaying the progression and impact of PD symptoms and increasing overall well-being. The ideal is to have comprehensive and ongoing exercise and movement services available in both medical and community settings. We'd like to see as many exercise and wellness professionals trained on the multi-faceted issues faced by people with Parkinson's disease who then become invaluable assets to each patient's PD treatment team. 

HOW: PANC, partnering with Kaiser Permanente Neuroscience, developed ParkinsonWISE® as an educational symposium for non-medical fitness and wellness experts. Program attendees receive a ParkinsonWISE® certificate of attendance, an easy reference card on symptoms and exercises, and are listed on our website so that patients, care partners, and medical professionals can easily locate them. 

WHEN: ParkinsonWISE® trainingsare scheduled periodically throughout Northern California on an as-needed basis. Please e-mail us by clicking here if you are interested in having a presentation in your area. 

Much appreciation to the following individuals who developed the ParkinsonWISE program: Erin Vestal PT, DPT,NCS; Suketu Khandhar MD; Nancy Kretz RN, JD; Marianne Oliphant; Jeanine Perry PT; Christine Shade PT, DPT, NCS

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